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Orbis Protocol
Orbis Protocol
Layer 2 zk-rollup Cardano scaling solution
DevelopersOrbis Labs
Initial release0.1.0 (Sep 2021)
Written inRust
LicenseApache-2.0 license

Orbis is the first zk-rollup L2 solution for Cardano built to support decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and a thriving blockchain ecosystem. Transactions occur off-chain on the Orbis layer 2 and are bundled together into a single zk (zero-knowledge) proof which is submitted on-chain to the Cardano layer 1 and verified. This proof is a zk-SNARK. This proof provides mathematical and unfalsifiable proof that the transactions have happened on Orbis. Similar to Cardano, Orbis is built on an extended UTxO model. Orbis will be developed in a series of iterations, advancing Orbis from a centralized protocol running on a single machine to a distributed protocol with centralized governance, and finally to a decentralized protocol with decentralized governance.