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Cardano Blockchain Wiki [CBW] pool
Support the development of this website by delegating to CBW pool
Margin Fee1.5%

Staking is the process by which ADA holders stake associated with their ADA to a stake pool. Most Cardano wallets integrate staking allowing the listing of all stake pools that are operating on the blockchain and after joining or leaving with special delegation transactions. Stake delegation to a pool adds wallet balance to a pool leading to a larger stake controlled increasing chances to mine a block - become a slot leader.

Cardano Blockchain Wiki [CBW] run a reliable staking pool with a very low 1.5% fee, by delegating to our pool you support the development of this website.

To stake your ADA with Cardano Blockchain Wiki [CBW] search for the ticker CBW in your wallet of choice.

  • Stake pools are run by stake pool operators.
  • Delegated funds never leave a wallet.
  • The delegated stakes can be re-delegated to another pool at any time.
  • The chance of a stake pool node being selected as slot leader increases proportionately to the amount of stake delegated to that node.


Access your Wallet

  • To stake ADA you will need a Cardano wallet and ADA tokens available
  • Install the wallet and deposit ADA tokens
  • Click the DELEGATION LIST tab
  • This will take you to the DELEGATION LIST

Find CBW Stake Pool

  • Enter CBW or Cardano Blockchain Wiki in the search field and search button
  • This will display the available Cardano Blockchain Wiki
  • Choose Cardano Blockchain Wiki stake pool
  • Click the corresponding DELEGATE button
  • A PROCESSING popup will appear with the following CONFIRM TRANSACTION window

Confirm Delegation

  • If you’re happy to proceed with the delegation, enter the spending password and hit DELEGATE
  • Once the transaction has been completed a popup will appear confirming SUCCESSFUL DELEGATION